Puissan Biotech

Advanced computational models and organ-on-chip technologies for more efficient drug development

Our Vision

“We aim to deliver advanced modeling and microfluidic solutions to our customers to accelerate their R&D processes”


Our products

We offer a combination of PBPK models and organ-on-chip technologies and expertise, providing a unique and synergistic approach to improve and accelerate drug development processes.

Explore our solutions:

Examples of our recent projects include:

  • Simulation of absorption and permeation of chemicals into and through human skin

  • Prediction of drug pharmacokinetics in mice

  • Investigation of anticancer drug’s effectiveness on-chip

  • Development of an ovarian cancer chip in collaboration with the University of Helsinki

Our Values


Adhere to the 3Rs principles (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement)


Develop innovative technologies and methodologies


Commitment to delivering high-quality products and customer services

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regulatory requirements