Sunscreen performance simulation

Sunscreen products play a crucial role in safeguarding our skin against harm caused by ultraviolet and intense visible radiation. These harmful radiations can cause anything from an annoying sunburn to a potentially life-threatening skin cancer. Numerous types of creams, lotions, and sprays offer protection from the sun.

What criteria should be taken into consideration when choosing one?

Sunscreen-in-Silico model helps the development and optimization of efficient sunscreen formulations by measuring relevant parameters such as SPF and UVAPF without the need to conduct expensive and time-consuming in vivo tests.


Parameters and simulations

  • Skin thickness and roughness

  • Different sunscreen agents

  • Sun protection factor (SPF), which indicates a sunscreen’s ability to protect the skin from UVB radiation

  • UVA protection factor (UVAPF), which indicates how much UVA protection is offered by a sunscreen. UVAPF is determined using the in vivo PPD method

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