Whole Body-in-Silico

Whole body PBPK model

The whole-body PBPK model integrates distinct compartments, each representing a specific tissue or organ, and simulates the dynamic movement of a substance throughout the entire organism.

By bridging the gap between theoretical pharmacokinetics and real-world patient scenarios, we aim to provide a reliable tool for advancing precision medicine and improving decision-making during drug development and clinical trial design.

The model

Key features

  • Multiple anatomical compartments
  • Different drug administration routes
  • Organ and tissue-specific physiological parameters
  • Drug-specific parameters
  • Possibility of integrating more advanced barrier-specific PBPK models (skin, intestine, and blood-brain barrier)

  • Liver metabolism and drug-drug interaction

  • Hepatic and renal clearance

  • User-friendly interface

We expect to launch a new, improved, and more advanced version of our whole-body PBPK software in 2024. In the meantime, we are seeking partners to collaborate or test our model. Contact us if you are interested!